Hair and Beard Styles?

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It's so difficult to find pictures of what men looked like in the 1940's. Anyone know where (or have any suggestions) of the hairstyles and beard styles from the 40's?

I mean this would be a good place to ask right? :P
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    Tue, July 5, 2005 - 2:34 PM
    Look at old movie stills on IMDB for hair. You won't fin a lot of beards, but there were the mustached such as... Errol Flynn, William Powell, Walt Disney, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Clark Gabel.

    Jazz musicians are the only men I can think of with beards. Thelonius Monk comes to mind. It's a beatnik look, really.
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    Sat, July 9, 2005 - 1:08 PM
    1940s were the World War 2 years. Men were either soldier war machine types or 4f stay at home supporters. Even the wealthy playboys that stayed out of the war were usually in some political or officer capacity & looked efficient.
    Alan Ladd, Robert Mitchum Cary Grant

    The gruff disheveled was the tired soldier, the injured or the farmer
    The Zoot Suit was 40s stay at homes that weren't allowed to fight bcz of immigrant status or jail records that was copied from hot bands & the availability (or lack) of clothing that fit. Every thing went to the war effort so orten only old suits for big guys were available for skinny ones at home. Overweight people were not common bcz food production was for soldiers & people had Victory Gardens at home.
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      Sun, July 17, 2005 - 11:06 AM
      Even after the war, men's styles were dominated by the military look for at least 3 or 4 years. It's safe to say that the 1940s were all about military styling.

      But let's not forget that many of the biggest stylistic icons of the day were British, and they had quite a bit more latitude when it came to facial hair than did Americans. Think of Leslie Howard, Lawrence Olivier and Alec Guinness.

      A classic look was a thin mustache--not pencil-thin, but about half the distance between the top edge of the upper lip and the base of the septum. that extended to the edges of the mouth. These things are a bitch to keep trimmed. (Remember that most of the officers who sported these mustaches were getting a proper shave from a barber with a straight razor every morning.) Sideburns were kept short and square.

      The look for hair was very short around the back and sides, and shaved up square at the back of the neck. Hair was typically longer on top--perhaps 3" - 4". It was usually parted just off-center or towards the cowlick side, and slicked back drastically. After years of experimentation, I found that Groom & Clean, available at most druggists, is the best thing for slicking back hair. It never hardens, is water-soluble, and doesn't feel too bad to the touch. MUCH better than gels, waxes or brilliantines for slicking back the hair.

      For beards, there was what I call the "D. H. Lawrence look". It was a close-trimmed beard with the neck shaved, and it can look pretty good with slicked-back hair. There's photo of me sporting this look about 11 years ago at
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    Thu, September 1, 2005 - 2:12 AM
    Any 40's film, The Men were clean shaven, some mustaches, not many, hardly any beards at all, very suave and debonair!! Fabulous suited men, Hats too!! CLEAN NAILS and fabulous shoes too!!

    OOOHH, The Film NOIR MEN ARE MY FAVS!!!Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark,,Etc...
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    Fri, September 16, 2005 - 7:59 AM
    Holy shit, you're right. I thought I knew where to look to find what you were after, but it seems most sites are devoted to female styles. You might be able to find a few somewhere on this site...if not, I'm sure there's at least something in there you'll find useful.

    If not, then I suggest checking out photos of male movie stars from that era.

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